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Activation missed third time running

I moved in to a new property three weeks back, was mildly disappointed to see that I couldn't keep my services from Virgin, but was happy to see that I could at least get a hefty gigabit connection from BT so I signed up on the 4th and was told my hub would be delivered and services would be live on the ninth. The ninth comes, and no router arrives, so I call the helpdesk just to check and am told that sorry, due to a fault in their system my order was never actually processed and they haven't even started doing anything on it! Now, it's not the poor woman on the phone's fault, so I politely explain the situation and she gets it put through as a priority so it should be sorted the next day.

And lo and behold, the next day my kit arrives! I get it all plugged in, checking every hour or so to see if it's gone live, and finally go to bed a little let down but expecting to finally be able to go online properly when I wake, instead of tethering off a mildly unreliable mobile connection.


So I call again - another ~45 minutes on hold, and am told that once again, a glitch in the system resulted in my order not being sent to the activation engineers. And because apparently BT is incapable of doing anything the same day, or at the weekend, I would have to wait until monday. Fine.

Not happy, but I guess I'll deal.

Now, on Monday, I call the helpdesk just to be sure they've actually got the order through and I'm assured that yes, it's with the engineers as we speak and I'll have internet by midnight.

Well, as you see from the time this was posted, this hasn't happened - I got a text saying that my broadband was up, and then one saying that my digital voice service was up too, but not only has the hub not switched from showing an orange light the order tracking page even shows that it's not been done!


How the hell can my VoIP phone service be active when the "IP" part of the acronym isn't active?

So now it's just under a week on from my initial promised activation date, my order's been screwed with and resubmitted often enough that I strongly doubt I'll be getting the full compensation I'm entitled to, I'm looking at another hour on hold in the morning most likely to be given more promises I have absolutely zero reason to believe, and I'm ranting on support forum at ~0200 in the morning because I'm so stressed I can't sleep! This level of service is frankly shocking, and if they mess with me just once more I'm going to eat the speed difference and just go to Sky because at least then there's a chance I might actually get any internet, not just the promise of it.


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Re: Activation missed third time running

Give the FTTP team a ring. 0800 587 4787

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Re: Activation missed third time running

I feel your pain as I was going to be activated for both Broadband and Landline on the 9th September 2020, but to date I have no internet connection despite making 9 or more Telephone calls having to wait over 45 minutes to answer. I have been advised every day it will happened tonight, but it never comes. Really frustrated with whole thing having to chase, but return communication. Legally BT are breaching the service level agreement with the customer.



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