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Adding a second SIM to my profile.

I know this has been asked and answered before but none of the answers are informative enough or they refer to older versions of the web portal.

I have an existing BT sim and would like to purchase an additional SIM for a family member.

When I try the add family member plan I only get 2 or More sims. I only need 1.

When I want to just add a simple SIM deal it is priced higher than the actual cost.

How do I just order a new SIM surely this process should not be this complicated.

I find my product I want I click BUY and then it should be a case of add my name and bank details. Instead I get asked am I already a BT customer to which i reply yes after which I have 2 options Upgrade existing plan or Add 5G "Very stupid of BT to not make this process so difficult" 

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