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Re: Adsl activation

Is requesting the phone number be added to the EN remotely something that could be requested by the mods?

That has nothing to do with your issue, its an automatic robotic task which is part of the order process, so if you have dial tone on the line, and dial 17070, you should get a readout of your number.

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Re: Adsl activation

Ah rite, ok, my mistake, misunderstood a previous post 🙈

checked and have dial tone, number and sync to exchange.

so pretty much nothing can be done then, just need to bite the bullet and wait?



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Re: Adsl activation

Just to clarify, I have to wait the 10 more days even though the router is synced up to exchange and all done that end?

surely the broadband can just be added to my account remotely now and all will be done?

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