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All4 missing episodes

All 4 app on bt youview misses episodes I am watching married at first sight series 6 it gives up to episode 16 but jumps to episode 19 yet the on line app has all episodes up to 20 it's so frustrating

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Re: All4 missing episodes

All4 has different content on different platforms as some content is classified as Premium and is only available on platforms that pay for the premium access. As Youview is/was a retail platform in the same manner as Freeview, it has none of the premium content and is treated as a second class citizen by Channel 4, ITV etc...

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Re: All4 missing episodes

Content on the Freeview/Youview version of All4 could vary due to commercial or broadcast rights

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Re: All4 missing episodes

Well @Edwards1  you could report your  issue to Channel 4.


note that that contact page currently says

“PLEASE BE AWARE: We are continuing to experience issues with both our on air broadcasting and on demand services, due to the severity of the issue at  our broadcast centre.  This includes the provision of WATCH LIVE, as well as the upload of programming to All 4 and some issues with our on air playout.  

We are also currently unable to provide SUBTITLES, AUDIO DESCRIPTION or SIGNING on any programming across our channels or on demand services.

We appreciate your patience as we work to resume normal services across our broadcast and on demand services.

Your comments are important to us. You can use our contact us form to get in touch about All 4, All 4+, our channels or programming.”

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Re: All4 missing episodes

Same here - but I can watch all episodes upstairs on my fire stick! I’m getting more and more fed up with BT tbh, Amazon Prime is ridiculously slow to the point it’s not worth using and Netflix is getting slower and slower. 

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Re: All4 missing episodes

@EWW Amazon have a separate carriage agreement with channel 4 whereas the one on Youview is for free platforms.

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Re: All4 missing episodes

Any advice on the ridiculously slow apps? We have great broadband its just the tv that’s awful!!

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Re: All4 missing episodes

@EWW yep. Buy a Roku streaming stick for £50 and use that. The hardware in the Youview boxes is pretty old now and isn't really good enough to run the apps as they develop... 

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