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EE shop today, 30 APRIL 2021, that if I use the EE platform through BT, which I want to so as to enjoy my Broadband discount and Halo double data offer, then the cellular support for my series 6 Apple Watch won’t be made available to me. Is this correct ?

Very disjointed product marketing and very disappointing customer care. 

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Re: Applewatch

BT don't support ESIM so watch will not work with BT mobile

If you uses search this has been raised on the forum before

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Re: Applewatch

Thank you. And yet BT own EE and use the same platform.
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Re: Applewatch

…and charge significantly less for BT Mobile.

If you want all the bells and whistles, pay for EE. If you want the value option, go for BT. We’ve all got a choice.

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Re: Applewatch

The competition can do it at a reasonable price so why not BT?

I will be moving as soon as BT Mobile is out of contract unless they launch an eSIM service beforehand.


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Re: Applewatch

@Seamaster that response really winds me up I'm afraid.

It's no secret that BT want to tie you into a package when you are with them. They want you using BB, TV, Sports and Mobile. If they want customers to become tied into that ecosystem then they should damn well be offering all options when it comes to mobile services.

Other companies can offer a wide range of services. It's absolutely ridiculous that they can't offer what one of their own companies does. They should at least allow you to have package where you reap the benefits of a discount but be able to mix and match BT and EE if they aren't prepared to offer a complete mobile service.
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Re: Applewatch

@Retrovertigo There’s nothing to stop you “mixing and matching” BT and EE now.

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Re: Applewatch

Mixing and matching does not work if you want the same number on the watch and phone .

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