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Auto forwarding from Outlook to BT

I have an issues forwarding emails from Outlook (online) to any BT email address.

In outlook you can set up auto forwarding, we do this for a charity, and forward to three trustees. However, any BT email address does not receive them.

I can auto forward to: Gmail: Yahoo, Domain names, or any other conceivable email addresses, except a BT one.

The three trustees we wish to use are all on BT, the other 5 are not, but forward to them and they get it. The other three set up email with varies people, hotmail, Gmail, and yahoo, and they arrived. This would indicate it is a BT issues rather than an outlook one

Does anyone know why this is?




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Re: Auto forwarding from Outlook to BT

Do you get a bounce message back on the Outlook account?

Try asking the 3 trustees to add the Outlook address to their safe senders list.

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Re: Auto forwarding from Outlook to BT

Thanks for the suggestion, I did not get a bounce back, I will try your suggestion on my own BT account and see if it works. I would assume that would be online. I collect me emails with Thunderbirds, but my fellow trustees use the BT app.

I will let you know the outcome.


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Re: Auto forwarding from Outlook to BT

Yes, you need to do it in webmail.

Probably no consolation, but I just forwarded a Hotmail address to my btinternet address in with no problem.

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Re: Auto forwarding from Outlook to BT

Hi Again,

I added to the accept emails, but nothing, it must be an issue between Outlook and BT.

I have set up a new email account for the charity on Gmail, that works, just frustrating that Outlook wont work.

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