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BT 1200 wifi extender disconnecting from router

My BT Wifi 1200 extender is 5 months ols. Worked perfectly until last week. Now it drops the connection to the router every 2 to 3 hours.  Lights flash and scroll round then reconnects within about 30 seconds.  But this is enough to lose wifi on my laptop and disconnect my work vpn. The router light is solid blue when the wifi extender drops. The extender is positioned in a good range , tried moving it but makes no difference. I have facory reset the router and the wifi. Any idea why it is suddenly started doing this?

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Re: BT 1200 wifi extender disconnecting from router

Just logged into the router. The dsl uptime is 8 days. Can I assume the issue is therefore the wifi extender? Don't want to buy a new piece of kit unnecessarily
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Re: BT 1200 wifi extender disconnecting from router

Wifi extenders are a poor choice of technology as their location will always be a compromise. Its possible that either the extender has gone faulty or a new source of wifi interference has been introduced.

A set of powerline adapters with wifi hotspot would be a preferable solution. TP Link have a good range

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