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BT 4G Mini Hub 2020 - Keeps cutting out every 20 minutes

Just over a months ago my father was sent a BT 4G Mini Hub 2020 with around 15 GB per month.

When using the hub it temporarily cuts out after about 20-30 minutes and you have to reconnect to it, does anyone know why this is the case?

We live in an area with very very slow unreliable broadband, but with a great 4G signal from EE, so this hub is very important to use for video calls on zoom and teams, it is very embarrassing that the video calls get interrupted so often when the mini hub cuts out.

I have read online that some other types of BT mini hub cut out when they overheat, and they last longer if you use them without the battery in, but this edition doesn't seem to work without a battery so that is not an option.

It is the type of mini hub in the image at the link below we have.


Another issue we have is why the maximum amount of data for the mini hub is so low, when EE has much higher data-plans, 15 or 30 GB is not that much. Today I saw a deal that is 60 GB per month for 6 months and it is only £40 (£6.67 per month), it is strange that this is not offered for the mini hub.

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