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BT 900 - Static IP's?

Hi there,

Before I signed up to BT FTTP I was told that specifically on the 900Mbit plan, I could get a static IP. I made a note of asking the guy TWICE to make sure he understood and he did, and clearly stated I just had to call to get one.

I called today and was told they don't offer static on residential 900 plans, but then the guy tried to offer me a BT Wifi disc as a fix... so I'm not sure who to believe.

Has anyone received one of these before?


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Re: BT 900 - Static IP's?

@max4186 I asked the same thing they said no I think bt business wiill be forced to bring price down I see their now offering a 300mb service for £50 a month I think its 300mb up and down but i dont think residential will ever offer static ip's

The the usual workarounds like no ip and dynamic dns and most routers have that built in these days so its seamless to the user unless the network goes down.

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Re: BT 900 - Static IP's?

BT retail do not supply a static IP address for residential service customers.

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