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BT Broadband Availability Checker

Hoping someone has some advice.


If I use the BT broadband availability checker and enter my phone number, it shows only FTTP on Demand and not WBC FTTP. If I then use the address checker, it shows that WBC FTTP is available at my address.


Openreach are showing as available for me but every time I phone BT to upgrade they say they can't. I'm assuming because the website says no?


Why is everything else showing it is available but not the phone number checker. Could it be that whilst we have a phone number on our BT account, we don't actually have a telephone connected?


Can I report it to be looked at? I know FTTP has been installed on my road all the way up to my address as I watched them install it and spoke to the guy who came to check it was all installed correctly but that was weeks ago and still unable to order.

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Re: BT Broadband Availability Checker

using your address in the dslchecker is not as accurate as using your phone number which is the most accurate of what is available  FTTPoD is not the same as FTTP and is expensive and intended for business

you can try phoning the FTTP and see if they can help you or confirm whether or not available 08005874787

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