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BT Broadband Troubleshooter

My broadband speed is below the guaranteed speed. Accordingly, I ran the troubleshooter app which confirmed that the speed was below the threshold. Then I was asked to supply a telephone number and an alternative and when I clicked on "Confirm" the following page came up


 Why would it now say that the speed I am receiving "looks great" when the previous page acknowledged that it wasn't and will it be treated as a fault to be corrected within 30 days?

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Re: BT Broadband Troubleshooter

Did you check your speed again after receiving that message? it might have just been a glitch

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Re: BT Broadband Troubleshooter


Thank you for replying. No it wasn't a glitch - the speed now is the same as it was.

I can now track the fault, but the odd thing is that on the one hand the tracker says


"Fault in progress

We are still working on the fault and will update you as soon as we know more."

but on the other hand, it also says

"Right to exit removed

We’ve had to remove your right to exit your contract without penalty, as we’ve not been able to monitor your speed or get any required information from you."

And yet, there certainly is not any information that has been requested that has not been supplied

It may, of course, just be that the BT software is all to pot. I shall just see what happens.

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