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BT Broadband

BT Broadband Complaint



We are writing to complain about the appalling level of service we have been receiving on our broadband account.  We have been BT broadband and TV customers since March 2020.


Our normal broadband connection has been cut off since 17th December and we have been using a mini-hub which is totally inadequate. Two adults work from home and our daughter has university work due in the new year.  It has also rendered all our entertainment unuseable over Christmas, we can’t watch TV or films on demand or live, nor listen to streaming music and our teenage son can’t play online games.

High speed broadband was installed in our street in October and we had a letter from BT inviting us to connect to the new service. We did so, applying for a new TV deal at the same time. Somehow this resulted in us having no connection at all from 17th December to today 27th December, 10 days now right over the Christmas period, when the family has the highest expectation of receiving quality entertainment from BT broadband.

We researched the price for superfast broadband on the BT website via the app. Then we phoned BT because we were not clear how the connection from our house to the new superfast cable at the end of our drive would be enabled. The first telephone operative we spoke to couldn’t understand or answer our question on how the connection to the newly laid cables in our street would be made nor offer the same price that was advertised on your website, so we went back and placed the order directly online.

We also wanted to upgrade our TV offering at the same time but couldn’t do that from the same webpage, so called up to try and organise that at the same time. From our point of view that seems to be where things went wrong, as it seems to be the TV order and broadband orders are clashing and cancelling each other ultimately resulting in our main broadband service being cut off entirely and our being offered an emergency mini-hub with very limited bandwidth and speed.

We have made at least 5 calls to your helpline but none of them have resulted in our broadband connection being reactivated. We have been promised multiple call backs at specific times which have not materialised. We have only had 1 actual call-back, but it didn’t actually offer a solution. We were promised call-backs the afternoon of the 23rd December, the morning of the 24th and the evening of the 26th, none of which happened so we had to call up and be on hold listening to music. We were especially annoyed to find out the department that we were promised would call us between 7 and 9 on the 26th December wasn’t even open at that time, so of course we didn’t receive the call.

So basically, your invitation to us to improve our broadband speed has led to us having our broadband cut off at Christmas when we were relying on it the most. BT’s incompetence has spoiled our Christmas.

We are now looking any other providers other than BT that can enable our connection to the high-speed cables.

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Re: BT Broadband

this is a customer help customer forum  your post does not go to BT

please delete your account and phone number for your security as this is a public forum

does your phone still work with dial tone

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