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BT Cloud APP not playing music on Iphone SE

The message "This audio file cannot be played at this time ?"  appears when I try to play music on Iphone using BT Cloud APP ..any ideas anyone ?

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Re: BT Cloud APP not playing music on Iphone SE


I have the same problem with playing music on BT Cloud on an iPad. Sadly this is one of many issues I am having with BT Cloud and have an open complaint raised at the beginning of March which is unresolved. 

Part of  the problem is I speak with the Bt cloud second level support and they ask for screen shots which I provide. They then pass them to Synchronoss (the BT Cloud supplier) who are based in USA and take three or four days to respond back to BT who then take a day or two to contact me. Problem is the request is for the same sort of screen shots each time. I’m not blaming the BT bods as they are stuck in the middle. BT cloud has been unusable for me since the beginning of this year.

I know this doesn’t help but at least you are not on your own.

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Re: BT Cloud APP not playing music on Iphone SE

Thanks Addy , 


I thought that this was the situation as looking online as some previous issues raised in this area have no replies . Hopefully , they will get their fingers out to resolve the issue (and read our comments ) , else it will be iCloud 100% and btcloud 0% , a pain as I’ve invested a lot of time in this product and monthly payments !! 
Thanks again . 

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