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BT Cloud: Error code UN2

Hey, today I've started to get an error when logging in to BT Cloud – error code UN2. I've checked my account and it's included but when I click "Manage" it says, "Sorry,there's been a error while fetching your cloud details." so I guess that has something to do with it? Anyone know how to resolve this?

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Re: BT Cloud: Error code UN2

I'm getting exactly the same error message.  Only got one account ID and I've been using BT Cloud for years.  Can't see any messages anywhere on the BT Website about problems with BT Cloud. Anyone else heard is something's wrong?

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Re: BT Cloud: Error code UN2

I am getting the same message today.  I have had it before and it has just corrected itself at some point - no idea why it happens, I am afraid.

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Re: BT Cloud: Error code UN2

Same problem here.  Was working fine a couple of days ago when I backed up a ton of content off my phone.  Typical that the day you need access is the day BT break it.

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Re: BT Cloud: Error code UN2

Me too - and many others I see.  Mine conked after I'd been logged in for several hours, so it must have crashed  about an hour ago, I think. It must be down. I get the same error message.

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Re: BT Cloud: Error code UN2

Same problem here.  Was ok first thing this morning.   Cloud app and web interface login to cloud all not working at present. Also seeing this message which is strange as have been using cloud and this login for ages.Capture.JPG

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'It doesn't look like you are eligible for BT Cloud on this BT ID' error code UN2

Well I was yesterday. And the day before. BT Cloud is signed out and signing in with the correct details just results in the same.

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Re: BT Cloud Error Code UN2

I have the same error code and cant login to bt cloud today. i am wondering What is the solution

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Re: BT Cloud: Error code UN2

Another one here, unable to sign in and getting the message "It doesn't look you are eligible for BT Cloud on this BT ID"....

I'd just recently started to use it for the first time, after having it for years.  Thought I might as well take advantage of the generous amount of data storage as my Google Drive was filling. Hmmm.  Seems like I shouldn't plan on being able to get the data back when I want it..... not exactly a good USP for a cloud drive service.


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BT cloud login error Un2

i am not able to connect to BT cloud and it gives an error code as UN2 all of a sudden

it says this service is not available for this ID which is completely wrong as i have access to it and have loads of pictures uploaded also

Whats wrong all of a sudden that i am not able to login 

i can see a lot of people also posted this issue but is there any solution?


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