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BT Cloud Photo File problem


I use BT Cloud on iMac (version 20.3.10)  and iPad and have uploaded all my photos to BT Cloud. There are about 4500 photo files in raw or jpg format. However when I view in either the desktop, iPad or web page version of BT Cloud it doesn't show all the photos in Photos & Videos. It only shows about 500-600. If I look in All My Files in my "Pictures" folder 4500 files are there in various sub folder.

There appears to be no rhyme or reason my some photos are shown in Photos & Videos and others are not. For example with the same camera a folder for one month appears but another month it doesn't.

Basically why doesn't the Photos & Videos section of the various BT Cloud apps show all the photos I have uploaded?

(Not sure if I'm making any sense here)


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