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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

JTS1  I found the hidden icon, clicked the globe icon and I got a blank tabbed vault page. After waiting and refreshing it four times I finally got my files to appear.

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

Like many on this forum, I'm getting angry and frustrated that BT have not sought to explain to their customers what the problem is and when we can expect a reliable update to this appalling software.  My problems continue to be;

  • On the minuscule system tray icon there's always an exclamation mark.
  • On accessing the window, the cloud symbol is always red and the 'Open BT Cloud Sync' folder doesn't open.
  • The 'Launch Web' icon does respond and files can be seen in the web browser. Initially it did take several days for the backup files to be synced and viewable but it stopped half way and I don't know if the backup has been successfully completed (despite having over 700GB still available)
  • On trying to 'Resume syncing' the following window comes up.

    BT Cloud Error Window.JPG

  • It seems to me the whole design concept of this software is wrong and over complicated. There are too many windows and controls scattered everywhere. BT, I think you need to contract a new software designer to rescue this mess!

It has been like this since the enforced upgrade. I am not wasting more time on this until BT come up with a resolution.

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

That's good.  My experience has been that, if you are patient, things get better and more functionality appears over time.  Some things take longer to load than usual to load, but improve as you go along. 

If an egg timer in the form of a spinning circle appears, just let it run and see what happens.  Let me know if I can he p you with anything else.

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

Let me know if I can help you any further.

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

I just need help...All of my BTCloud directory that was set up when I first started the BTCloud disappeared after this recent update. I cannot understand how a software update can physically remove my  all precious data files from my Windows 10 computer!

How can this be? More to the point how can I get them back on my computer because whilst I can view/see that they are there in the cloud, they are not on my machine. I need somebody to walk me through the process. Alan 

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

Alan, There has been no clear description on how to get access, but I have succeeded in getting it working. Can you tell me if you have a BT Cloud shortcut on your Desktop ? If you have, highlight it and then Double Click on it - Nothing appears to happen, but either on the Task Bar, or in your Hidden icons box a very small icon should have appeared. This icon appears in three stages - 1. an empty cloud - 2. a cloud containing a circle - 3. a cloud containing a tick. This can happen very quickly, but if it has reached stage 3, all files are synced and it is ready to launch, so click it. A box containing recently Updated files. At the top left there are three icons, one of which is a planet earth globe and you should click on it. This should launch your login page. Can you tell me if you can launch from here using your user name and password, before I go any further ?

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start


you may also need to maximise the login screen else you might not see the "Accept conditions" bit on the page....

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start


Like several other people, I believe I have managed to get this working, although that is not a compliment to BT, whose approach to this rollout has been a signal lesson in how NOT to do a rollout.

Having tried a couple of times and ending up with multiple BT Cloud Sync folders on my laptop, I decided to start from scratch.

1) I (again) de-installed BT Cloud app from my laptop

2) I deleted the extra BT sync folders (BTCloud (1) and BTCloud(2))

3) I copied my original sync folder (BTCloud) to a hard drive for safeguarding

4) Re-installed the BT Cloud app, only this time selecting the original BTCloud sync folder, and selecting my backup and folders I wanted syncing.

This does create a desktop icon, but I also set the app to launch on startup and to Stay Logged In.

Going to the system tray, I noticed the BT Cloud, with the cloud symbol in Sync mode. You can also click on the "Settings" icon here and get the Settings dialogue window which lets you set/change your backup and sync settings. Finally there is also the Globe symbol which launches the web interface of BT cloud, and one improvement I have noticed is a successful login first try (previously I used to get "unsuccessful" login any number of times before a successful login.

The syncing does seem very slow, but I can see it happening (seems to be running at a MB per second or so - a large 150mb file is taking 2-3 minutes to upload), and it only happens whilst your laptop is powered up (obviously !). A quick calculation suggests this could take up to 2 weeks of running for a full TB to be backed up/synced from fresh.

There is no client app as there used to be, the only information you get on your laptop is the Sync/Backup settings  window which you can keep displayed. Here's hoping a client app will be launched soon. I have not touched the backup on my second laptop or my phone yet, wanted to make sure this works first before launching on the other devices.

Dreadful customer service from BT who seem to have gone on vacation whilst this blog is screaming for help. God knows how they (mis)manage their IT !


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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

I figured out how it all worked after the second day and had it all fired up with correct settings and looking at my existing bt cloud folder (on my D drive) etc, However it is not syncing correctly.

In order to prove this you need to create a test document, I have created a simple xls document with date and time and coloured stripe

When I first created and saved in my pc bt cloud folder it uploaded to the cloud and when I switched on my laptop it downloaded to bt cloud folder on laptop.

I then open the file, type in new date and time and for good luck another different coloured stripe, when I then save the document it does not upload the changed document to the cloud and so obviously then does not go to my pc.

This is what I use the cloud for so I can edit or change documents on one device and it then changes on all devices. 

I am now having to email documents between devices which is a stupid way of working and is open to all sorts of mistakes, if I enable the cloud I am now getting all sorts of conflicted documents and have to work out which is the latest one. 

What a mess.


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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

cfpage, that is a very good point about Accepting Conditions, it could apply to a lot of members that are having problems getting started.

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