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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

JTS1 - yes, have run slideshow and know how to create same

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BT Cloud 20.6.1 & Microsoft outlook

I usually leave both Microsoft Outlook and BT Cloud open. I haven't been aware of any problem with the previous version of BT Cloud, but since the update to 20.6.1 there appears to be a clash.  Unless I shut down BT Cloud, Outlook regularly reports when attempting to access emails: 

Cannot expand the folder. The set of folders cannot be opened. The file C:\users\*********\Documents\Outlook Files\********.******@****.com.pst is in use and cannot be accessed. Close any application that is using this file, and then try again. You might need to restart your computer.

Closing BT Cloud - without a restart - always resolves the issue and then allows normal email operation

I should add that this particular  .pst file   is large (2GB+), so the backup time would be long

My suspicion is that BT cloud is 'hijacking' the file while attempting to back it up and preventing Outlook's access to it.  Previously I seem to recall that in order to back up Outlook's .pst files it was necessary to close Outlook, but it did not interfere with  normal operation while Outlook was in use (ie BT Cloud kept  backups of open .pst files as a pending operation until such times as Outlook & the associated .pst  files were closed,  only then would it carry out the backup.  Because Outlook's normal operation wasn't interfered  with this was acceptable but, if my theory as to the cause of this problem is correct, I find it wrong that the new version of BT Cloud has the ability to interfere with the normal operation of a legitimate programme (ie Outlook) that's using a file while attempting a back up.  I can't help wondering if this might affect other programmes which use large file sizes, but in a manner - such as unreported programme hangs -  not so obvious as the error message  generated by Outlook.

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Re: BT Cloud 20.6.1 & Microsoft outlook

Nigse999, I had this problem with MSOutlook a few times, intermittently, but not occurred for a while.   

When I mentioned it to the BT Developer I hadn't made a note of the error message.  So I will pass on your record of the error message when I speak to them today. 

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start



Apologies if this has been previously reported but this topic has got almost to big to trawl through anymore.


The point I noticed yesterday might have some bearing on people who don't see updates to files happening in real time. I had built a spreadsheet about a week ago and I saw this almost immediately get updated to my Sync folder in the cloud. When I did an update a couple of days ago that update also appeared in the list of recent changes but when I then did an update later inthe day I didn't see a new entry for that being updated. What I then noticed was the earlier Recent change entry, showing the initial update, which had happened hours before was now showing that it had been updated just 18 mins before but it was still in its original position in the list of Recent changes, if I hadn't scrolled down the list to look at other updates made in between time I would not have noticed that the update time had changed.

I think this implementation is poor and you should get a new entry in the Recent changes list  everytime a file is changed or updated, irrespective of how many other times it has been previously changes/updated and reported in the Recent Changes list, Else the list should eb regularly refreshed and the updates sorted by time that the update happened - personally I prefer the former as then I know how many times it has changed but ...



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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

Having read 50 pages of Contributions and having made a number of calls to BT about the problem the issues still remain.

I am aware the issue is now being addressed by BT and I am now simply setting out my experience in an attempt to assist the developers solve this mess.

I’m running Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 Bit and the Update shows as Compatible.

On the 1st Dec 2020 I was prompted to download the new BT Cloud Update. I had no option and was forced to download the update.

‘BT Cloud Update 20.6.1’ appeared to download.

Following assistance from the Forum I found the small BT Cloud symbol on my Desktop.

When I opened it a found the new Dashboard and checked by Backup and Sync settings were correct.

Then it began CPU madness downloading what appeared to be my whole Cloud Content.

Ok this was inconvenient but shouldn’t take too long after all I only have around 30GB in BT Cloud ??.

I have had heavy CPU usage downloading from BT Cloud for 15 days non stop.

I have all BT Cloud Files duplicating on my Desktop.

Then the Syncing continued.

Then I started to lose the BT Cloud Link from my Desktop.

Everything stopped and I couldn’t see or open the BT Cloud Dashboard.

I then got the BT Cloud Update message again.


Ok I didn’t want to reinstall but had no options available.

I reluctantly opened the Update and the BT Cloud reappeared on my Desktop. The settings remained the same and the syncing continued from where it had left off.



The Error Message ‘BT Cloud has stopped working’.

This has now moved into a continuous Cycle.

1. The Update Message.

2. Update.

3. Continuous Syncing

4. BT Cloud has Stopped Working.

5. The Update Message.  And On and On and On !!

I’ve tried everything. Cleared all BT Programmes and reloaded from my BT Account.

The BT App on my Mac Book Air is working fine.

The BT Cloud App on my iPhone tells me I have no BT Cloud Content ?.

My  Personal Account BT informs me my BT Cloud content is intact.

I’m running Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 Bit and the Update shows as Compatible.

I’m giving up now as I have another life outside BT Cloud. I’ve tried everything and now will have to wait to see if this mess can be solved by BT in the future.

I’ve purchased Auxiliary Drives to secure my Data.

Thanks to everyone who have tried harder than BT to deal with this ‘Apocalyptical Update’.

 Merry Christmas.

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

Given all the complaints and issues with the BT cloud update......why do BT not think about their customers and accept the best action would be delete the update and allow the previous version to be reinstalled, then the customer have a working Cloud.

BT do the honourable thing and apologise to all affected customers and do the right thing by giving back customers while BT work in the background resolving the issues with the update and then relaunch it after considerable testing to ensure and give Customers a fully working update.

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

kc230a - What else is causing you concern ?

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

What else is causing me concern?

The simple fact that BT  launched an update full of faults and quite simply have not acknowledged that or indeed done much to resolve it.

We pay for a service so where is it?

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

Following SeanD's (Community Manager) post number 483 I re-installed version 20.6.1 of the BT Cloud Client software from the web-based client. To my surprise it installed successfully and then continued to backup my selected folders that it had stopped doing for days. It went on to finish backing up the remining 20GBs+ of my data that it had failed to do previously. It now looks as if it is functioning as it should, backing up updated & new files etc. I shall still be monitoring it though in case I've missed something. Note that I use BT Cloud just for backup not for syncing across devices. 

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

In post 524 abramj suggest that for him he sees an update has happened further down the recent activity list, I've checked this and for me it isn't happening, earlier versions still are listed at the time they were uploaded, the only thing I have for definite is that a newly created file uploads straight away, an existing amended file does not upload.

I've rung BT countless times and they just don't seem to have anyone dedicated to answering customers queries on this, every call requires being passed onto at least two other people and eventually you are in mid conversation and the call cuts off, and you never get called back despite promises that they will if the call drops, shambles.

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