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Re: BT Cloud update not working


I am no means an IT expert, but what the BT( he is phoning me back this afternoon regarding my issues)  guy said was go to the app in the system tray.

I can confirm that the installation he gave when it worked I could go to the tray and click on the app and see what files were uploading then click on a menu choice at the top and it would take me to separate screens regarding what files were being uploaded, how full the Cloud was, settings etc. 

He told very clearly that screen app is going. The tray app gives the same functionality as the screen app did. I confirm above that is the case.



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Re: BT Cloud update not working

I have what is, I think, a slightly different issue. I recently did a clean install of Windows 10 20H2 - the October 2020 release. This, of course, means I have to re-install a lot of programmes and, unfortunately, among them was BT Cloud.

I don't use BTC as an automatic back-up tool - I have other programmes for that - but I do keep a copy of my 8,000 flac music files on BTC. So after doing the clean install, I wanted to copy them back from BTC to my hard drive; unfortunately, this was happening at the rate of about 12 - 18 per day and, while it was doing so my PC ground to a virtual halt. I've now stopped it syncing back to my PC.

I can upload flac files to BTC via the web browser version and it's almost instant but the other way is glacial.

I'm interested to know if anyone else has tried similar and found the same issue. 

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Re: BT Cloud update not working


Thanks, that's the answer I was expecting

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Re: BT Cloud update not working

vuum - Yes files are being uploaded successfully.  All of my document, photo and video files (20,897 approx.) have been restored to normal and I'm able to be shared, downloaded or updated.


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Re: BT Cloud update not working


Following my email to BT regarding my on going problem with the update they gave me that failed on Friday of last week, I got a phone call from the BT representative on his request I sent three logs  for the BT Cloud the one he was really interested in was the 18 December 2020 when the failure occurred. The other two were dated 19 and 21 December 2020 which was after I uninstalled the cloud, I guess they would be useless.

He was going to pass the logs to the Cloud Team from them to analyse the failures in the programme that he had given me to install. If they can find and fix the issues then I just might have a permanent fix fingers crossed.



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Re: BT Cloud update not working

Noticed that in some instances when a file is updated on my PC it is not always updated to the BT Cloud. Noticed this when '.docx' files (Microsoft Word Starter files) were not uploading after changes. Found that if the files were saved whilst still in Microsoft Word they were not recognised by BT Cloud as having changed and hence did not upload. If alternatively a file was changed and then saved at the time of exiting Word they did upload.
Was wondering if this had something to do with the way file versions and changes are now being handled. In the old system noticed that when using Microsoft Money numerous versions of the files where being uploading, e.g. every time another transaction while using the application was added the Money App saved the file which was immediately uploaded to BT Cloud. Adding 4 transactions for instance would create 4 new versions in the BT Cloud.
When BT Cloud made the changes a few months ago to how you access old versions of files and did not include all file types this was particularly annoying since Microfsoft Money files have a suffix of '.mny' where the old versions were now inaccessible, e.g. they just filled up the BT Cloud with inaccessible data. Now with these latest changes changes these '.mny' files do not upload while the Microsoft App is open, e.g. only the last version is uploaded when the Microsoft App is closed. So we still have inaccessible old versions of this file type but just far fewer.
Seems therefore that BT cloud is now not recognising new saves within an application if that application is still running. Microsoft Money for instance always saves the file on exit automatically which seems to trigger the upload. Microsoft Word does not automatically save the file on exit if the file has already been saved while the application is open resulting in no upload being triggered.

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Re: BT Cloud update not working

Further to my files not uploading to the BT server since the 15th December, today I can report that newly modified or new files have started uploading again. However ALL my local files create or modified between the 15th and today are out of sync, ie newer on my PC but older or non existent on the BT server! **bleep**, how the heck can I rely on this now? Anyway to force a full re-sync BT?

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Re: BT Cloud update not working

vuum wrote: today I can report that newly modified or new files have started uploading again... Anyway to force a full re-sync BT?

Careful what you wish for!  🤔 You will lose a lot of earlier versions of files that are uploaded by the new version.

If that isn't important to you, then I hope your wish is granted, but its a less secure backup thank it used to be.  🙂

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Re: BT Cloud update not working

FAO - BT Devs
There is also an issue with the "Recently Updated" list in the new app. The local Task Manager shows that the BTCloud process accessing the disk and showing network activity.
In the new BT app "Recently Updated" shows last upload = "Uploaded to cloud 27 minutes ago" however when viewing "All My Files" at sorted by Last Modified I can clearly see files and folder being created or updated during those last 27 minutes. So at some point the local "Recently Updated" list stops working giving the indication that nothing is happening when it is. Please add to fix list for new version.

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Re: BT Cloud update not working

My "pop-up" is showing the the last file upload was 3 days ago!  The web site shows many many files uploaded up since then.

The pop up certainly does need fixing.

To err is human, but to really mess it up requires a computer
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