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Re: BT cloud


My test version 21.1.3 is working away fine, uploaded everything from all devices and adds in new docs, photos,etc as they appear on the devices. Given BT Cloud Team a list of improvements to consider and the feedback I got was they are progressing with the implementing many of the suggestions. So awaiting the the latest final version to be released to all all by the end of this Month. Fingers cross 😁
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Re: BT cloud

I just had to leave it overnight for it to makes it's mind up.

It is working now

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Re: BT cloud

I had a call yesturday from. The executive team, it got quite heated as he was patronising and seemed to think it was my problem 

Had an email this morning saying tlgreat they have sorted my problem and closed the case.

He said he was ringing me back on 29 March as a new version is released then 

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Re: BT cloud

Mine gets worse, the backup has never worked since the upgrade,  the syncing has  sort of worked on and off until today when it went into permanent sync and brought the computer to a standstill. I had to hard power down the computer to get it free of cloud, then after a restart cloud has not reloaded so now I have no syncing at all. What a farce, how long is it now 4 months of ineptitude by BT. Why do I hold little faith that their next version will actually work.

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Re: BT cloud

My PC was being killed. I have migrated my data to One drive and removed the BT software.

Everything is now working perfectly.

I’m relieved this is finally over.

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Re: BT cloud

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your continued patience while we have worked on the BT Cloud client for windows.

The BT Cloud team have an updated version of the BT Cloud client for windows which you can download today.  We believe this will be the final version before a general release to all BT Cloud windows users.

I have created a new thread which you can visit here, BT Cloud beta client 21.2.3.  Here you can find instructions on how to download the new client.  We are keen on your continued feedback so please add your comments to the new thread.

I am going to go ahead now and lock this thread so we can keep the conversation going in one place.  This thread will still be available to visit but you won't be able to add any new comments.




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