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BT Cloud and photo ordering

I'm not sure what tag is used to order photos but it is certainly different to that used by Google photos and the Photoshop Elements application.  These latter two use the "Date modified" tag and all is well.  BT Cloud clearly uses something else which results in a significant number of photos being ordered by the date they were uploaded.  Is there anyway this wayward behaviour can be modified?

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Re: BT Cloud and photo ordering

Hi @PSH, in album view, you can sort the photos by date modified or alphabetical. Depending on the device you're accessing the BT Cloud service on the instructions on how to do that vary so I'd recommend you check out the BT Cloud user guide on this link. 

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Re: BT Cloud and photo ordering

Hi @NeilO . Many thanks for your swift response.  From what you have indicated I can only do the sorting in albums but not in photos.  This then begs the question, how do I easily move (or copy?) my 12,000 photos from photos to albums?  Any tips gratefully received.

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Re: BT Cloud and photo ordering

OK, so the user guide is relatively useful but regarding the web client it appears the two useful functions I am after, namely, being able to select all photos in order to copy into an album, and the album date ordering you mention are not available.  My conclusion therefore is that while BT Cloud might be useful for backing up photos in files it is far from useful in terms of managing photos.

From the user guide the two functions I have mentioned appear to be available in Android and iOS so why aren't they available through the web client?..........unless I have missed something - but I have tried everything.

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Re: BT Cloud and photo ordering

The frustration increases!

In actuality the Android and iOS apps allow for sorting by Date Taken or Date Backed Up.

The user guide states that the sorting via the Android app can be by Date Modified (Newest to Oldest, or Oldest to Newest) or Alphabetical A-Z or Z-A).  The iOS app uses Date Created which may or may not be the same as Date Modified?

So my questions (directed at BT really) are:

  1. Why remove the sorting by Date Modified (the one I am really after)?
  2. Why tantalisingly publish a user guide that is out of date and includes the facility I am after?
  3. Why is the sorting not available through the web interface along with the select all facility?

Come on BT, you can do better than this.

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