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BT Cloud beta client 21.2.3

Hi everyone

We now have an updated version of the BT Cloud client for Windows available to download. We believe this will be the final beta version before the general release of an updated client for all BT Cloud Windows users.

The BT Cloud team encourage you to download this version (21.2.3) and we believe this will resolve the issues you’re all facing. If you discover any potential issues using this new client, please let us know so we can get these rectified for you.

Below is some information on how to download the new update:


How do I install the new client?

Simply download and run the setup file from this location:

BT Cloud beta version 21.2.3

There is no need to uninstall the previous version before running the new setup file.


As part of the setup process, you may be asked to install a Microsoft Edge update.  This is required for the new version to work correctly.








Once installed, the BT Cloud client can be launched using the desktop icon.








Backing up folders for other users on the same PC


It is not possible to backup folders for other users on the same PC.  The following error message will be displayed if you try to back up a folder which belongs to another user.




The other user will need to install the BT Cloud software on their own Windows account for their files to back up to the cloud.




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Re: BT Cloud beta client 21.2.3

@SeanD wrote:
As part of the setup process, you may be asked to install a Microsoft Edge update.  This is required for the new version to work correctly.

Hi Sean.

Does this mean that the new client requires Microsoft Edge and won't work with other browsers

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Re: BT Cloud beta client 21.2.3

Thanks @SeanD 

Is there any updated documentation for this version?

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Re: BT Cloud beta client 21.2.3

I installed this new version over an hour ago. First comment is that the installer is silent so you do not know if it has completed other then by finding the system tray icon which shows the new version number in 'About'.  Second, is that power usage, CPU and memory usage are all ridiculously high even over an hour later. When will these revert to the same level as other applications?


The preferences page also took a very long time to display. Surely this should be near instantaneous - all I wanted to do was check that my settings had been preserved during the update.


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Re: BT Cloud beta client 21.2.3

Hi @Les-Gibson,

Thanks for the question.  I have doubled checked with the Cloud team so I can offer some clarification

BT Cloud Web Client at works with a variety of current browsers: Safari, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, …

However, the BT Windows Desktop Client uses Edge Webview2 to display the embedded BT SSO login page. This requires the Webview2 runtime to be installed, which is shown in the security pop-ups as “Microsoft Edge Update”, but it only enables the use of Webview2 to display embedded web content in Windows apps.

@mumfie  The user guide that is valid for this release can be viewed from here, BT Cloud customer guide.




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Re: BT Cloud beta client 21.2.3

Hi Sean

I clicked on the link and then clicked to download the file. Nothing has changed though -about shows the old version. Could you explain in words of one syllable what I need to do next. Thank you.

Edited to add. I've checked my apps and BT Cloud has downloaded today but it is the old version.

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Re: BT Cloud beta client 21.2.3

Hi Sean,

This new version seems to have solved my issue (stuck on metadata initialization prior to always closing)- will let you know if anything changes.




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Re: BT Cloud beta client 21.2.3

Hi @SeanD,

I've installed the new version of the desktop app but I'm getting the same message I was getting with the previous version:


I guess my question is, how long shall I leave it "initialising metadata"? It's been ~5 hours already, but I do have quite a lot data saved (if that affects the duration of this phase at all)?


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Re: BT Cloud beta client 21.2.3

Sorry Sean I've tried hard here but I don't think this has worked properly for me at all, very frustrating.

My backup files are in a complete mess thanks to what has happened, so I updated the software on both the laptops I use with BT Cloud, and when both STILL claimed to be "up to date" when they definitely are not, I decided to start completely from scratch. 

I deleted everything on the cloud side via the browser, removed both desktop clients, all local copies of the files in the BT Cloud folder on my laptops, then re-installed the 2 x desktop clients, put what I wanted backing up in the new BT Cloud folders that re-appeared, and left it running overnight.  

This morning I find it has backed up some stuff, far from all, but it claims it has finished and everything is up to date.  Definitely not up to date at all I'm sorry to say....

Of 3 folders on laptop 1 it has done about 1/3 of the smallest (80/240mb), about 1/2 of one large one (7gb/14gb) and none of another large one (another 14gb), so overall about 25% of what I asked it to.   Laptop 2 faired better - only gave it 3.5gb to do and it has managed 90% of it.

All syncs started around midnight and, despite definitely not being done, stopped at about 0445.  Internet upload speed has been strong all night at around 9 to 11mbit/s.

So why does it think it has finished when it clearly hasn't, and how can I force it to restart when it thinks there is no issue...?  This was definitely never a problem previously.  You could add new files and see them uploading one by one in the old and far superior user interface...  Tech / troubleshooting advice appreciated please....

Last question - and this might be easy - I just want a backup, not bothered about sharing content between laptops - but have always used sync since I first set this up years ago (when it worked properly!)  but in reality do i only really need to use backup...?

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Re: BT Cloud beta client 21.2.3

Update: I left my laptop on overnight and it seems to have done the trick. It's syncing now. I'd recommend leaving it on overnight and on charge (very high CPU)

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