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Re: BT Cloud continually backing up

If they’ve closed the case I’d raise a complaint as it’s obviously not fixed


(and I sent an e-mail on 7th July, had automated reply to say I’d get response in 10 days. I’m still waiting)


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Re: BT Cloud continually backing up

An update.

BT Cloud on the iPhone IOS13.6 still not behaving itself as far as I can tell.

I open the App and there's no green tick to say its backed up. Just the orange upload icon. I click on that and yet again it tries flicking through all the Photos and Videos on the Phone to see what to back up. Usually it stops and never finishes the backup.

So, no change. My complaint had indeed been closed. Yet I never confirmed that all was well.

I've raised another complaint. Someone should get back to me from the BT Cloud team within 5 days.

It would be great if someone from the technical team would actually speak directly to me. Is that too much to ask? 

One lives in hope.

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Re: BT Cloud continually backing up

Anyone heard from BT ?


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Re: BT Cloud continually backing up

Hi.  Paul from the BT Email support team, who apparently also look after BT Cloud issues, got back to me about my complaint last Saturday 22/8.

Short story is that we went through the problems that I was having (again). He checked against the notes. Apologised about the original complaint closure which shouldn’t have happened. And asked that I send screen shots etc.. of the issue. He would then ask the technical team to have another look. So far, so boringly back to where I started.

BUT some positive news (sort of) just in.

The chap from the BT Email team (Daniel) rang back this morning Friday (28/8) to see if I was still having issues. And to suggest some checks.  I’d already done all the checks and happily gave more detail on the exact problems I was having. 

He wanted to know what IOS version  I was using (13.6.1) and total content I’m trying to backup (12GB approx). He agreed that it may be something only affecting my iPhone 11 (IOS13) as I was having no issues with IOS 12 (my old 5S) until I swapped my phone. 
Daniel suggested that the BT Cloud platform people will now try and replicate the issue on another iPhone 11 and take it from there.

This is the first time I’ve got further promise of support on the issue other than what seems user education and testing.  

No timescale given, but I’m feeling more positive. 

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Re: BT Cloud continually backing up

Hope they plan ahead - ios14 comes out in the next month or so

I’ve got an iPhone SE (first edition) also running 13.6.1


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Re: BT Cloud continually backing up

Hi Pddco

I am still awaiting like yourself. Seen on these pages I first reported around 14th July. Got nowhere with fault reports. E?mailed Cloud support as suggested by moderator, and still no come back 3 weeks later. I reported again from start again yesterday. Rang so called cloud support number mentioned, only to end up at a BT broad band agent. He passed me to a lady called Maria, who got me to restart hub !!!, but did.Reinstall BT cloud after uninstall. Asked about iMac version, and bt cloud versions. ( all the latest.) Within 3 mins of restart, I get a notification approx every 35mins


An error occurred, the application cannot continue and will be paused.(500 ) The cloud symbol in menu bar is black with an exclamation mark in.


If I click on the symbol, a box opens with  red cloud and ! in, and if I click resume every thing resets, and then about 10 mins later I get the same notification with same info.


I sent screen shots of the windows and notifications a month ago, and has all bee lost.

The lady told me my problem was beyond her remit ,and needed to be passed to a technical team, and I will hear from some one within 72 hours. No slip, or fault number. I asked if details of our call were added to my account, reply yes.

All of my content seems to be on the cloud, but this should not keep pausing with i guess error code 500.

I await a call.





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Re: BT Cloud continually backing up


BT got back to me this morning - 2/9

The back office team are seeing performance issues with BT Cloud - some acknowledgement at least - and should get back to me in the next few days with a further update / progress report.

Just looked at the BT Cloud app on my iPhone (IOS 13)and it's still flicking through all the content it's backed up previously about a week ago. It's not getting to the most recent stuff (over the past week) and backing that up yet. Still get the upload orange icon or the blue sync icon. Not seen the green tick icon perhaps for over two weeks.


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Re: BT Cloud continually backing up


Just a note to say that it seems BT are still working on it, but I’ve not had any update from the BT Cloud technical team.  I rang the front line number to see if there were any progress notes. All they could say was that the technical team had a note to call me scheduled for Friday this week 11/9. Still waiting for the call. Meanwhile my iPhone 11 has updated to IOS 13.7 but BTCloud is still not backing up as it should. Will give BT a nudge next week.

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Re: BT Cloud continually backing up

Thanks for your updates, keep chasing.Regarding my re-report, I rang after 5 days asking why Had had no callback as promised. I was told the person who was to call me back had not been contacted by the bridge case team, and as such she could not call. The bridge case was also closed, meaning that nothing was found. 

The new BT person Leah made some calls whilst I was on hold and told me she had to pass my case to the name of what sounded like an organisation outside of BT. She Is programmed to ring back and report to me after speaking to them on 15. Sept. I also then got an E/M from BT with a VoL number fault on. Not to get too excited because have had one before only to find it had been closed with no contact with me, upon enquiring progress.

What I will say is that the Error 500, sync will be paused, has not notified me for 4 days now. It used to happen every 20 mins or so.




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Re: BT Cloud continually backing up

Hi Chris and All

Latest response from BT in a text message today....

“Hello, BT here. Our Cloud supplier is still working hard to determine the cause of your syncing problem. We'll be in touch with an update once one becomes available. Please don't reply to this text - we won't see it. Thanks.”

Good to hear they’re working hard to sort it. ‘Working Hard’ amuses me. As if who wouldn’t normally work hard to resolve things? Like ‘our highly trained engineers’.. One hopes they wouldn’t have poorly skilled ones on the case. But at least its being dealt with, one hopes. Rather open ended as to when it might be fixed though. I will still keep nudging them at least weekly for a response.

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