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BT Cloud download all ( photos) at once

Hi I simply wanted to download all my backed up photos, about 120Gb , but doing "select all" within the photos folder only takes 60 at a time,

is there any simple way to select the entire photos folder ( which doesnt show in the "all my files" either ) and get it to download directly ?

honestly this is time consuming user unfriendly 

please tell me I,m doing it wrong 😐

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Re: BT Cloud download all ( photos) at once


Not sure why you can’t see your photos in ‘All My Files” You should be able to see all your cloud content by logging onto the BT Cloud website:  And then navigating to the PC / device where they originated from. Devices are under the BT Cloud folder. PCs have a separate folder. Does this help?



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Re: BT Cloud download all ( photos) at once

Hi , thanks for the pointer , 

for some unknow reason I have my IPAD listed twice .. photos on it are supposed to auto backup , which they do , but they now have 2 folder locations with one simply as "tablet" since Dec19 and the preceding photos in another folder. (i,m sure i havent done anything to change it.)

i have managed to find another 6Gb of photos there and now trying to download but its failing after 1.9Gb citing "network error"

I,ll keep trying the download , it worked fine on the other folders which were much larger,



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Re: BT Cloud download all ( photos) at once


I’ve got an iPhone and for some reason ended up with the BT Cloud folder (On the Cloud website and on the BT Cloud  folder on the PC) showing two iPhone folders with content split between them.

In the end I sorted it by deleting the two folders within the BT Cloud folder on the website and backing the iPhone up again afresh.

Was a pain because I had around 14GB of content but it was sorted within a couple of hours. 

Whether I could have simply moved/ merged the folder contents into one iPhone folder, I don’t know. There are options on the website.  But wasn’t sure how the Cloud would then track any changes I may make to the original pictures or whatever. 

Just be aware that when you delete  folders in the BTCloud folder on the cloud  website it also deletes the corresponding folders in the BTCloud folder on any devices that are synced to it. Such as my PC in this case.

So if you’re a cautious person you’ll probably want to backup the PC’s BTCloud folder content up to a usb stick first in any case. 

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Re: BT Cloud download all ( photos) at once


i managed to download all the cloud folders with all my photos now -thanks,

to do it i had to select the entire folder and then create a public share link , copy the link, paste it into a new browser tab then download

as for syncing , in my opinion this is different to backup - manual / auto , I did try it once and it created a duplicate  set of the same files in the sync folder ( filling up my hard drive) and then putting ugly green ticks against all the files, 

All this is confusing and time consuming when ur in a hurry , which we all always are, i,m afraid i think google photos is a better back up option , but you have to pay above a certain storage limit

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Re: BT Cloud download all ( photos) at once

Good to hear that it’s sorted, but bit confused as to why you needed to create a public link etc...

I thought you could just log in to the BT Cloud website - on the PC you wish to download to - , go to All Files, navigate to the folders that have the pictures, select them, and then select download?

You should then get the option to specify the zip file name. They would end up in your download folder. 

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Re: BT Cloud download all ( photos) at once

Yes, so did i, i tried selecting the folder, and it would almost instantly download it , but it was like a 1k file which was the , and that was it , nothing else inside.

googling the problem i came across that public link share work around, 

Also, if you try to directly select the individual files within a folder  (60 or page at a time) after working my way through the entire folder , selecting all, I got to the end and hit download , only to be told that was too many files, 

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Re: BT Cloud download all ( photos) at once


If you want to download all photos and videos together just go to the photos and videos (I used the web login) and hit the download button without selecting anything at all.  It downloads a zip with everything in!     

Edit:  I think I did a couple of steps first.  I think I somehow put everything into a single album first.  Then went I went into that album I had the 'download' button available without needing to select anything.

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