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BT Cloud on iPhone - ‘All Files’ no Content

BT Cloud iPhone app  (20.12.45 and IOS 14.6.) Backs up fine no problems. But if I choose to look in ‘All files’ for content from my Laptop PC for example, it says ‘You don’t have any content in your BT Cloud yet’. Which is rubbish, as I can go on the Cloud website and  see that all my backed up laptop files, as well as my iPhone content is all there.

So it seems that while Backup and syncing working fine, the iPhone app won’t let me see backed up content in All Files. 

Anyone else have this issue?
Oh, I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app etc. But no joy. Thanks. 

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Re: BT Cloud on iPhone - ‘All Files’ no Content

Hi @pddco I'm sorry to see you're experiencing problems with the BT Cloud app on your iPhone. I've brought your post to the attention of the BT Cloud app team and will post back here when I have an update.



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Re: BT Cloud on iPhone - ‘All Files’ no Content

@NeilO That’s  great. Thankyou.

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Re: BT Cloud on iPhone - ‘All Files’ no Content

@NeilO Is there an update? It’s been a while.

Things have got worse.

When I look at ‘Photos and Videos’ in the app I now can’t see anything from the Cloud after April 2021. This is ridiculous. All content is on the web, but the App simply doesn’t show it. I’ve tried reinstalling the app -20.12.45 - but no joy.

It’s now not backing up my phone content either even though it says ‘everything is backed up’

This is hopeless. It seemed to be working -after a fashion- until recently. What’s going?

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