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BT Cloud photo quality


Not sure if I’m in the correct board here. 
I’ve been using BT Cloud to store photos for a while now, mainly due to the large storage. I believed the photos would be stored as original quality, but I have discovered that this doesn’t seem to be the case. I can zoom into the originals and get detail but on the cloud they are blurry. When I checked the MP this is also a lot lower. Am I doing something wrong or are BT lowering the quality to offer more storage?

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Re: BT Cloud photo quality

The original images are backed up to BT CLOUD. if I look at my photos with the BT Cloud app on an iPad the thumbnail images look ok but the full size images are terrible, pixelated and blurry. If you select Edit or Download you get the original image.

I am sure this is recent as I noticed if I share images or create a slide show the app uses the pixelated blurry images making it absolutely useless for sharing. Previously the original image quality was used for slide shows or sharing photos.

I suspect this is another unannounced improvement  change by the developers.

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