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BT Community Registration verfication email not received


I have had a problem with verifying my email address as part of the registration process.

I have clicked the verify email button but the verification email is never received.

I have checked my SPAM and TRASH folders but no email is present.

Apparently it is a problem that is occasionally known to happen.

Discussing with BT support has been difficult as the support route does not fully know about this service or how to contact / correct it. Of course without verifying my account I have been unable to ask for support here in the community as it is not possible to post without first verifying the account (bit of a catch22).

There is also no contact point for problems of this nature on the site pages (a couple of help texts suggest there is a link at the bottom of the page but I could not find one that got me around the problem that my account was not verified).

Whilst community support is provided as a community there needs to be a help route / process defined for those who are having problems verifying accounts. It was only by persistence and the chance spotting by a BT manager in the escalation route who had contacts with community moderators that my issue was resolved.

At one point I was being directed to the company that created the forum software KHOROS (don't follow that route they cant help) and they are based in Houston Texas.

What was needed was BT support to make contact with one of the forums moderators who are able to help. These are BT people who can help but getting there in this case has taken a while.

What I can say is the people in the escalation chain have been diligent in trying to resolve this and for that I am grateful however there is a need to be politely persistent. 


1. Have an escalation route (on the community website) for registration issues, recognising you cant post until registered fully.

2. Educate BT support as to how to get help with BT Community. (Some of the people I spoke to did not know it even existed and had to be pointed to the website name).

3. Fix first time (fix the issue that prevents verification emails being sent).

4. Thank the people on the escalation route for their diligence and help 🙂

My verification problem has now been resolved and hope that the text above helps others in a similar situation and BT community to improve the service.