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BT Complete Wi Fi

Can anyone explain the following.

My new smart hub 2 is sitting next to my iMac. When I look at the connection on my BT app, it states that the iMac is connected on the 5 GHz band at a connection rate of 24 Mbs. And states that the connection is excellent. However, I have a Google doughnut in the bedroom above and it states that the connection to that is on the 5 GHz band with a connection of 390 Mbs and states that the signal is good. This seems the wrong way round. The iMac is also connected to a port of the Hub and has a connection of 1000 mbs on the 2.4 GHz band.

Deeper into my network I can see an iPhone connected to one of the discs at a connection rate of 866 Mbs on the 5GHz band and this is excellent, this is what I would expect . Is there a difference between a disc connection and direct from the hub?

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