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BT Customer Services No Help At All

We have Fibre to Cabinet (FTC), with the final stretch being overhead copper cable across a couple of fields. We have BT Halo with a minimum guaranteed speed of 12 Mbps. After a slowly degrading performance, we reported a fault on the 9th of December. Broadband was virtually non-existent and the phone line was either too noisy to use or displaying ‘No Line’. An Openreach engineer came out a few days later and identified a fault towards the far end of our copper line. Since then, we have heard nothing. The ‘to be fixed by’ date on the BT website started off by saying 14th of December and then kept being put back and back. We have tried to get some sense out of BT Customer Service (via lengthy mobile phone calls) but all we get is being passed around from one agent to another who all keep passing the buck to Openreach, with whom, of course, we cannot communicate directly. Apparently, there is a problem with one of the poles and it needs replacing - they are waiting for the local council to grant permission to carry out the work. In the meantime, my neighbour has had a completely new line put in that follows the exact route that my faulty one does - so clearly, no problem with a pole for them. We have received a 4G mini-hub which has limited use, as it has no ethernet port. Our landline is still unusable. I suppose the next step is the ombudsman but we really shouldn’t have to resort to that. Appalling customer service from BT.

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