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BT DNS issue - contact information request

Can someone let me know how I contact BT technical team for help accessing a specific website?  

We’ve had a problem for a number of months now where users on BT Broadband can’t access our website.  They get one of the following error messages:



It is only BT Broadband customers who have this issue.  When they switch to mobile data or Google DNS they can access it.  I’m hoping someone can tell me how I can contact someone at BT direct to resolve the issue.  I’m not a BT customer so I can’t connect via the Live Chat as I don’t have any BT log in information.

Many thanks

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Re: BT DNS issue - contact information request

This sounds more like BT Webprotect or Parental Controls trying to hijack the request to a DNS sinkhole.

Customers can turn this off within MyBT for their accounts

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Re: BT DNS issue - contact information request

Thank you for the response.  So does that mean BT is deeming it to be an unsafe website?  It’s a regular business website with an SSL certificate and no harmful material.  And if that’s the case do you know if I can get BT to ‘unblock’ it?  

We can ask the visitors we know of to turn it off, but our concern is for potential customers trying to reach the website and then giving up.

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Re: BT DNS issue - contact information request

Worth testing it out first to see if it is going down the DNS sinkhole. Happy if you want me to DM me the website address.

If it is being blocked by BT Web Protect and BT parental Controls you can try to email

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Re: BT DNS issue - contact information request

DM replied back. This is actually looking like a DNS resolve issue within Consumers DNS nameservers. 

Looking Glass for Peering Network can resolve the address but when doing a dig or nslookup using one of BT's DNS NameServers such as you get a NXDOMAIN response.