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BT Digital Voice and existing small phone system

We have a small Panasonic TEB308 phone system and I was concerned that this would no longer work when BT migrated our service to Digital Voice the BT hub.  This happened last night, so our ‘old’ telephone service no longer works  (there is still dial tone but it is not possible to make calls in or out (there is a recorded announcement on outgoing calls and incoming are now automatically directed to the digital voice service.)

I took the precaution of getting a Digital Voice Adapter, available foc from BT for both our lines, and  plugged the Panasonic system into this rather than the old BT Master sockets to which it was previously connected.  I’m pleased to say that works fine and I can still now receive and make calls using the Panasonic TEB308 system.

Hopefully this may be useful info in case you come up on this in the future.  (Incidentally, according to Ofcom, it should be possible to opt out of taking BT Digital Voice until 2025, but the BT Agents had no knowledge of this or how to go about it!)

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Re: BT Digital Voice and existing small phone system

Once openreach have upgraded your exchange to DV then you cannot opt out and continue with existing connection.  the 2025 date is when openreach hope changeover will be complete and everybody will be on DV

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