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BT Digital Voice handsets

In the last month, we got FTTP and digital voice installed, along with 2 free handsets supplied. I understand the handsets are DECT based. The problem I have is that we have a long house with limited coverage from the BT router. The WiFi is fixed with the Complete WiFi package we got, and works great, but the handsets can only be used within a portion of the house that is within range of the BT router.

Question is, are the new Alexa enabled advanced handsets WiFi handsets (rather than dect), so could be used wherever we have WiFi, or are they still DECT based for the calls? I didn't get the option of the Alexa phones when i signed up, as it only came online after we signed up, but would happily buy a couple if they would work throughout the whole house.

Its doubly annoying, as our mobile reception is poor, so usually limited to the house phones to make/receive calls if we want to be sure we don't get cut off. 

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Re: BT Digital Voice handsets

the new DV handsets are dect just like the previous handsets.  I find the handsets as they are not wifi based have a better range

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Re: BT Digital Voice handsets

That is quite disappointing. Thought I had a solution to our problem there. The range of these DECT handsets is quite limited in our house, as it has solid walls throughout, so just about reaches the adjacent rooms to the router. Any further the call just breaks up. 


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