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BT Email client for Ubuntu


I'm using Linux Ubutnu as an operating system.

Until recently, I have been using the default Thunderbird email client, and it's been working well. However, after having login issues and having to contact BT help desk today, I was advised that Thunderbird was an outdated email client, and is not supported by BT. I was advised to download the new BT Email App; however as far as I can see it is only available for Apple and Google, so the question is, either:

1) Why does BT not recognize Linux as a mainstream operating system and ensure their apps work/are available on them

2) In the absence of the above, what email client is available, apart from Thunderbird, that is recognized and works with the new BT Email systems?


Any help and advise is appreciated.

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Re: BT Email client for Ubuntu

You were given wrong information.  Thunderbird works no problem with BTMail.

BT only support their own product. That does not mean other products won't work. It means they won't help if there is a problem if you chose to use other email clients/apps.

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Re: BT Email client for Ubuntu

When they say they don't support it, it just means they can't offer any assistance with any problems, not that you can't use it.

BT only support webmail or the BT mail app.

Continue using Thunderbird.