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BT FTTP and own router

Its been talked about before, but thought I would post about my experience with an alternate router.

Firstly lets get why bother out of the way :),

Its why not I suppose, like many I tinker and an alternate router allows me access to more setting 🙂

Though I dont need the Voip Phone socket currently.

I bought a TL-R605 as it promised gigabit WAN port and LAN ports which many don't.

Install went easily. Powered up the router with a hardware connection to my laptop. Accessed the web page and entered the pppoe user name ( Brief confusion as it demanded a password but a quick google and bt works fine. Connected the WAN port to the ONT and hey presto, it works.

As it has no wifi by itself (which was exactly how I wanted it, using the BT discs to provide wifi) I then just connected it to the switch and Hey !, what a mess. Of course some of my devices didn't like the change in subnet and didn't automatically get a new IP address, so a power down of every network device sorted that.

A speed test shows its easily as fast as the Smarthub (which shows the smart hub is actually a decent bit of kit) .

Its marketed as a very secure router, but it does not do IPv6 which the SmartHub can do (except the BT DNS is still V4) but v6 is promised in the next update.

Visually I like that its smaller and unobtrusive and can be wall mounted out of the way with the netgear switch and it seems to run much cooler.

Wasn't expensive either.

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Re: BT FTTP and own router



Still happy two years on?

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