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BT FTTP in new build apartment

Hi all

So I will be moving to a new build apartment soon but seem to have more issues with trying to transfer my package to new address. says all I can get is 4g broadband! While address on higher floor has 300mb fiber.

I tried on the wholesale BT address checker but it says "Your address has been successfully matched; however we cannot determine ADSL availability at this address. Please try the Telephone Number or Postcode Checker."

Anyone know if this is Database issue or has the developer not updated openreach on all apartments? Is it possible that new build block has fiber in floors 10+ but not lower? 

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Re: BT FTTP in new build apartment

Try phoning the FTTP TEAM 08005874787 and see if they can help.  Do you have an ONT in your ew premises?

ONT fttp_small_ont_2019.jpg

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Re: BT FTTP in new build apartment

I dont remember if I saw a ONT.

If there is not one there then is it possible the developer missed my apartment when installing the fiber?

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Re: BT FTTP in new build apartment

Are you sure the FTTP is supplied by Openreach and not someone else eg Hyperoptic?

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Re: BT FTTP in new build apartment


if I type in different apartment no in the same building it says full fiber 900 on

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Re: BT FTTP in new build apartment

Then ring the number @imjolly has given you.

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