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Re: BT Faults

Hello people,

I am already doing multiple ADRs with so many other traders. I hope we will manage to get somewhere without an ADR because they are a bit cold and impersonal. You usually end up with some clapping. I need a more robust installation and a more reliable service.

So I have to chase both sides of BT, the openreach and the broadband sellers.

He used the expensive looking machine but still I am concerned for a tiny fragile optic cable coming through the wall and being exposed into a fragile box on the wall. It is on a corner next to the radiator but it looks so fragile that you do not want to even go close to clean there.

If they provide guarantees that they will forever service that connection for free, then I will live with it. I just have this feeling that installing such fragile equipment in such exposed fashion, is not going to end well.

They brought down a cable from the pole to the building. Then attached the naked cable to the water drain pipe with zip cables and then nailed it along to the drilled hole.

In my mind, they could have used some piping to enclose the cable and protect it. Then when it enters the property, for sure they should not have left the fibre exposed to the white box. Even the white box, does not screw securely on the wall.

So all that combination of exposed fibre and white box are sensitive. They could have invented some plastic enclosure to close all this but now they installed in a way that leaves it properly unprotected.

I want to clean up and I cannot. You cannot anay close over there because that combination cannot be touched.

I received the second bill today and still no progress with the service. I have internet on and off and no digital phone. I am not sure why I should pay the bills like I get all the service I paid for.

If they do not try to reach me by the next weekend, I will try to find out how I can raise a complaint through the BT account for both the installation and the service. That is the last thing I need right now but I need to find a way to communicate with them and because I raised a fault, the system does not allow me to add any more notes.

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Re: BT Faults

Neither the fibre cable or the ONT are 'fragile'. The fibre itself is the diameter of a human hair, and is protected by several layers of various materials within the cable including kevlar.

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Re: BT Faults

As said the fibre cable has multiple layers of protection.

Once the outer sheathing (black part) is stripped off you have a 5mm Micron Core Layer. Then under that is a layer of Kevlar Yarn, the stuff they make Bullet Proof vests with. Under that is then a 2mm layer of Micro Core. Then you have the Fibre.

I’m not entirely sure what other layer of protection you think it should have?

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Re: BT Faults

No way people. This is not in theory but in practice.

The black part is gone, there is only the white part and at the end there is the green connector. He had to cut this several times until it worked.

The way he handled the hair, shows that it is sensitive. The white part with the green connector can move.

The white box on the wall is screwed in but it moves.

Combine the movement of the whole set and it will cut off.

Compare this with the old copper BT socket. The copper cable comes in the home with the whole protection attached. Then there is a bomb proof socket scewed on the wall.

You walk around that copper setup, and you are not afraid of touching it and then falling down. For example, the guy came in with the tools, hit the door, hit the walls on the way.

Now put this guy around this fibre set and he will prove that the robust theories stand no chance of surviving.

I have left at a corner. The white cable almost touches the floor. If you try to clean up, you must avoid the cable. You must avoid going close to that wall because the white box will come off.

As long as you do not go close to that set up, it will not fall down. But if you want to fully use your home freely, this is not a proper setup. Both the white box can fall off and the exposed white cable is not right.

Check the photo above how another way to set this up would be without having an exposed cable. It would had cost pennies more to add even this small protection.

For me they have to come up with a box inside where everything will reside. Inside there would be the white box, plus the green connector and all that is closed in a box.

Anyway, the fragile set does not seem the problem but still my connection is poor and I have no phone. So something must be done. For a two year contract, I was expecting a better product.

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