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BT Fibre Halo 2 constant speed drop issues that engineer’s can’t resolve

Hi everyone I hope your well I’m hoping to pick your brains if possible please with regards to a issue that we are currently experiencing on a daily basis with regards to my fibre speed dropping way under the minimum guarantee and BT not being able to resolve the issue, I’m getting no where 

It started a few weeks ago when everything would be buffering or not loading etc I would run a speed test to find it come back between 1-7mbps normally I would achieve 68-70mbps with my speed guarantee set at 44mbps

We put up with it for a while but with the kids now heavily relying on it for home schooling etc and all be stuck at home it’s needed more than ever and clearly something is wrong as the previous 2 years have been fine with regards to the speed 

When I originally called last week BT said my line test was showing absolutely fine she then before ending the call said let me just try again before we leave the call and luckily enough it had dropped again to 8mbps clearly a issue and way under the minimum guarantee speed.

The lady arranged to have a engineer sent out on Monday morning he arrived without any idea why he was at my home and said there was nothing wrong and his computer was showing 3 green lights across the board what ever that meant. He said to call BT to replace the router and left 

Around 2 hours after he left the speeds dropped considerably again so called BT who again did a line test and yet again was showing a issue they stated they would send a brand new router out and to call back if it doesn’t resolve the problem 

Wednesday the reconditioned router arrived not a new one as promised I installed it and again worked for a few hours and then BANG it drops yet again 

So yesterday back onto BT who again run a line test and yet again was showing way under the minimum guarantee they assured me a higher tech engineer would be sent to fix it once and for all and not to worry 

This morning at 9am my mobile rings and it’s a lady engineer she’s at the box and asking what’s wrong with the broadband ? Again explained the issues and she said she would have another look

2pm I hadn’t heard anything back and the speeds had dropped again so clearly not fixed and tried for over a hour to call BT but got no where 

What I’m starting to notice is though that it’s looking to be happening at certain times of the day and night and was assured BT don’t traffic manage / throttle the line but from reading other posts could it be a congestion issue ? Especially being that the engineers couldn’t find faults when attending the property or box ? 

I would be so grateful for any input and possibly help with regards to the issues I’m facing 

Thank You 

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Re: BT Fibre Halo 2 constant speed drop issues that engineer’s can’t resolve

welcome to the BT community forum where customers help customers and only BT employees are the forum mods

in order for the forum members to help please can you post the stats from your router (if hub enter in your browser) and if  HH5 then go to troubleshooting then helpdesk and if HH6/SH2 then advanced settings then technical log information . 

Have you tried the quiet line test? - dial 17070 option 2 - should hear nothing - best done with a corded phone. if cordless phone you may hear a 'dull hum' which is normal

can your run btspeedtester and post results  must be done using ethernet connection

enter your phone number and post results  remember to delete number

Someone may then be able to offer help/assistance/suggestions to your problem

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Re: BT Fibre Halo 2 constant speed drop issues that engineer’s can’t resolve

Good afternoon thanks for the reply it’s been fine all morning with perfect speeds until half hour ago when it dropped to 3mbps just done another test and it’s currently running fine here is the requested information thanks again 

This is a list of your BT Smart Hub settings and current statistics.

Product code:Smart Hub 2


Serial number:+091298+1905012205


Firmware version:v0.24.04.11017-BT


Firmware updated:Wed Jan 20 10:58:27 2021


Board version:R01


GUI version:1.71 05_06_2020


DSL uptime:0 days,20 Hours01 Mins14 Secs


Data rate:19.999 Mbps / 79.999 Mbps


Maximum data rate:32.655 Mbps / 85.485 Mbps


Noise margin:15.6 / 6.6


Line attenuation:9.3 / 14.0


Signal attenuation:9.3 / 16.7


VLAN id:101


Upstream error control:Off


Downstream error control:Off


Data sent / received:4.8 GB Uploaded / 48.3 GB Downloaded




BT Wi-fi:Activated


2.4 GHz wireless network name:BT-FIBRE


2.4 GHz wireless channel:Smart (Channel1)


5 GHz wireless network name:BT-FIBRE


5 GHz wireless channel:Smart (Channel36)


Wireless security:WPA2 (Recommended)


Wireless mode:Mode 1




MAC address:78:DD:12:E4:9C:D8


Software variant:-


Boot loader:0.1.7-BT (Thu Nov 30 09:45:22 2017)
And the other test 
Exchange KENFIG HILL is served by Cabinet 8
Featured Products Downstream Line Rate(Mbps) Upstream Line Rate (Mbps) Downstream HandbackThreshold(Mbps) WBC FTTC Availability Date WBC SOGEA Availability Date Left in JumperHigh Low High Low        VDSL Range A (Clean) Wenglish1984_27-1611324822222.gif
VDSL Range B (Impacted) Wenglish1984_28-1611324822224.gif
Featured Products Downstream Line Rate(Mbps) Upstream Line Rate (Mbps) Downstream Range (Mbps) Availability Date FTTP Install ProcessFTTP on Demand
ADSL Products Downstream Line Rate (Mbps) Upstream Line Rate (Mbps) Downstream Range(Mbps) ADSL Availability Date WBC SOADSL Availability Date Left in JumperWBC ADSL 2+WBC ADSL2+ Annex MADSL MaxWBC Fixed RateFixed Rate
Up to 4--2.5 to 6.5AvailableAvailable--
Up to 4Up to 0.52.5 to 6.5AvailableAvailable--
Up to 2.5--2 to 5.5AvailableAvailable--
Observed Speeds VDSLMax Observed Downstream SpeedMax Observed Upstream SpeedObserved Date
Other Offerings Availability DateVDSL MulticastADSL Multicast
Premise Environment StatusBridge TapVRINTE FacePlateLast Test Date
Exchange Product Restrictions StatusFTTP Priority ExchangeWLR WithdrawalSOADSL Restriction

The premise/line is associated wi

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