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BT Hub 4 wanting to replace and have both smart hub 1 and 2, Which do i use or other. Help

Hi all

I am having a lot of problems with my BT hub 4 as i have a lot of Wi-Fi and cabled devices and it seems to be struggling on delegating and crashing.

I have a smart hub 1 and smart hub 2 sitting here and was thinking is it better to use them now?

i am not too keen on the smart hub 2 as it seems

1. no Wi-Fi separation of frequency's

2. you cannot use the white versions on the Wi-Fi discs as these are able to use network cables to extend them not just wifi extending. black versions only but they dont support cable networking.


The smart hub 2 seems to have been gimped for simple of use as the smart hub 2 you can use frequency's splitting and also use the white disk versions to use cable or wifi extending.


I am getting sick of the hub 4 crashing and struggling to respond to my devices when even the simplest of browsing. 


what would you say is better

1 Smart hub 2 (no freq spliiting, no use of white bt disc versions that are capable of using network cable extending)

2. Smart hub1 (no difference in hardware of network & wifi  apart form black disc support and DECT.)

3. Keep the openreach modem in and replace bt hub with another manufacture Router. 


What would you do ? can you plug both bt hubs in and set them up or would i need to remopve the hub 4 first

any help would be great.

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Re: BT Hub 4 wanting to replace and have both smart hub 1 and 2, Which do i use or other. Help


As you are using a home hub 4, I assumed you are just on standard (ADSL) broadband.

I see you are using an Openreach  modem. In that case all you need is a wireless router.

You cannot plug in two home hubs.

If you want to get rid of the modem, just use the smart hub 1.

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Re: BT Hub 4 wanting to replace and have both smart hub 1 and 2, Which do i use or other. Help

I agree with @Keith_Beddoe  and would use the SH1/hh6  you can then turn off smart setup and also split the wireless networks which will probably help your wifi devices

have you turned of smart setup  


Turn Off smart setup


have you split the networks   

Split the networks



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Re: BT Hub 4 wanting to replace and have both smart hub 1 and 2, Which do i use or other. Help

Thanks for the help, It looks like the smart hub 1 is the better option than the smart hub 2 as you can split the freq and also use the white disc versions to extend your Wi-Fi by using a network cable and also it seems it's the same hub as it has the same spec as the smart hub 2 but has DECT and software changes to cripple the hub,


I do own the Openreach modem and hub 4 and using that at the moment and have been for years but the question is do i use the new smart hub 1 and extend the WI-FI with some white BT mesh discs or keep using the Openreach modem and buy an ASUS RT-AX88U router and go mesh later as that has better options like Wi-fi 6, QoS, WPA3 security and other options.

What is the smart hub 1 like compared to the Hub 4 would it handle more Wi-fi devices and network as the hub 4 seems to struggle with it all, not for speed but just handling a lot of devices as it seems to crash and take some time to re sync and a few weeks late rit will do it again, but it seems to struggle to get webpages up and hangs on wifi devices at times.

I have about 12 hard wired devices and 13 WIFI devices going to the hub 4. and i am not to sure how good the smart hub 1 is as theres no spec on proccor and how good it deligates gamming or watching movies as on the hub 4 it just hangs streaming if gamming and vice versa.

Thanks for any help and info here as i am trying to decide on what to do 

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