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BT Keeps lowering the minimum guaranteed speeds

When I first went to BT they guaranteed me a minimum of 56Mb. When I started to get speeds of 49Mb they down graded their minimum speed to 45Mb, meaning that they were keeping to their minimum speeds, and I could not complain. I have now noticed that the minimum guaranteed speed has again dropped to 42Mb!! When will this stop? If they continue this review whenever they feel they cannot supply a guaranteed speed they should reduce the cost to the customer. After all, we are getting far less speeds and also a very unstable connection. Yes, I do have the discs. I also use them wired through ethernet cables. Also, there are no phone extensions or cables to reduce the speed. This is purely BT being greedy.

Give customers a decent promise, if you fail then pay up as you should, not just reduce the guarantee to suit yourself.

What's next? 56kb Dial up?

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