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BT Nightmare !!!

So today I woke up to shock horror my bt date changing to Sept 4th from a date that was ment to be finished 30th of last month so I rang them up and complained said ok we will do the 19th of September confirmed on phone with bt while they onto open reach them my date shifted to this.


I actually fear calling them again if it gets pushed back another month ! Their complete toss pots not the agents on the phones the back management staff.

screencapture-my-bt-s-apps-appsorder-customer-index-html-2020-08-03-17_18_05 (1).png


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Northern Ireland FTTP disgusted now Delayed Till September

So now I log in the bt so called customer portal to find this date. 4th September I am totally degusted at this now when was promised this Friday as well the cable is sitting out side my fringing door step and getting peeved off at the call centre now elasticated it to senior management, I work for the health board as a Software Developer and can afford to keep asking virgin to extend my cut off date bt and open each together are a Bloody Joke !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JUly 15 th the order was placed and now its Sept the 4th if covid was going to delay them they should not have accepted the order in the first bloody place

The cable is already at my door steep sitting their coiled up and now it wont be finished until September I feel physically sick over this all the stress it causes it shouldn't be this hard !!!!

Now their saying they can do it the 19th August it appears the automated system is changing the dates on them the claim.



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Re: Northern Ireland FTTP disgusted now Delayed Till September

I now afterr five hours on the phone to bt its been pushed even more to Septemeber 14th as wipes so use ar bt and open reach !

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