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Re: BT Pro remote

Tried this many times, it works about 1 in 10 times 😞

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Re: BT Pro remote

Updates to the TV map in the Bluetooth remote are likely to be very infrequent - I wouldn't put any hope into it happening, or helping.
The Bluetooth remote is optional though - you can use a normal YouView remote with the BT TV Box Pro, if preferred.
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Re: BT Pro remote

I have just got the BT TV pro and i understand it is meant to automatically control your TV. It didnt so then I read a few threads and found out if I press home and 9 together then try it. I did this and it worked for around 15 seconds then stopped working done it again - again it worked around 15 seconds then stopped working? 


Any ideas why this would happen - it is a JVC LT32C600 (32" smart TV) any ideas what I can do it is frustrating having to use 2 remotes?

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