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BT Remote home guide settings buttons not working

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Hi, I am new to BT, just moved four weeks ago, the new house has BT, so we signed up to broadband, and tv. We have one of the new BT hubs (circle in the middle that goes blue when connected) smart hub 2 I think it is. We also have a BT tv box (pro box) and BT remote.

Everything was working ok (eventually after activation issues few weeks back) and was working fine this morning. Came in this afternoon switched on tv and now the Home and guide buttons on the BT remote don't work, cant go to the home screen or get the guide up?

EDIT,  can't operate the info button or the settings button as well, just noticed. Its a fairly new remote so unlikely to be defective buttons, can you rest the remote or the tv box?

The remote does work, eg: it can turn the bt box off and on, change the volume and change channel via channel button. I changed the batteries anyway, just in case,

The remote seems to be a newer one, I've seen older / different ones when I searched on google. Mine just has the BT button at the top, (white circle around it) the home button top LHS, with bacvk button below it, the guide button top RHS with the info button below it, the circular up, down, left, right buttons in the middle, with the ok button central.

Below this there is the rw, play/pause and ff buttons. Below that there is the red record button with the vol buttons the LHS and the channel buttons on the RHS, then below that the four coloured buttons, then below that the number pad.

Anyone have any ideas how to fix this please?

Peter in Kent
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Re: BT Remote home guide settings buttons not working

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OK, update, got up this morning and all the remote buttons are now working again.

So not sure what the problem was or what the cure was, but it seems to have resolved itself.

I assume there may have been a problem with the BT Pro box yesterday, but leaving it off overnight has resolved it.

Peter in Kent
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