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BT Smart Hub - managing wifi


I'm having problems managing my wifi network both from pc and mobile app.

On my hub 6 I could access my wifi and control individual access using web browser. Now after upgrading to smart hub that functionality is disabled and I'm told to use my android app. All would be great but I'm unable to do this. I am connected to wifi and can browse internet fine. Yet when going to 'your wifi network' I'm asked if I have set my hub up. This was done and I could control my wifi for first few days but it's gone now. Regardless which option I'll choose, even being connected to wifi I get error message 'it wasn't possible to connect...'

Light is blue, hub is on and was already restarted several times 😕

Please advise


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Re: BT Smart Hub - managing wifi

have you turned of smart setup  




Turn Off smart setup











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Re: BT Smart Hub - managing wifi

Definitely switch off “Smart Setup”.

also, manage your hub through a browser on a PC or Android device as you get much more of a detailed insight as to what’s happening with the hub.

if you type in at the top of your browser where you type in web addresses(without the speech marks) “” then press Enter/click go 


This will get you into the hubs interface and you’ll be able to make any configuration there. Don’t forget to click the “save” button with whatever changes you make.

hope that helps.

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Re: BT Smart Hub - managing wifi

Smart setup was on, I must have missed this during setup . Switched off and android app works fine now.

Still no access control from pc browser, must have been retired in favour of mobile app. 


Many thanks both for your kind help, much appreciated.

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Re: BT Smart Hub - managing wifi

Not a problem. I’m having lots of problems with Complete Wi-fi myself. I’ve had both types of engineers out now, one knew what he was doing, the broadband engineers didn’t have the slightest clue about Wi-fi. I strongly believe it’s the new firmware but we’ll have to see in the near future.

Don’t hesitate to ask me for help if you ever get stuck again. Glad I can be of help to you.
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Re: BT Smart Hub - managing wifi


Check your hub is operating in Wireless Mode 1, an update some time back upset Complete Wi-Fi and it stopped working in any other mode

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Re: BT Smart Hub - managing wifi

Yeah thank you for that. It is already in Wireless mode 1. It’s always been in that mode. I’m still having problems with the discs dropping every so often
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Re: BT Smart Hub - managing wifi

You maybe need to move them closer to the hub. A blue light (on the disc) that sometimes goes amber and then back to blue after a while  is good, an amber which sometimes goes red is questionable and of course solid red is a no-no.

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Re: BT Smart Hub - managing wifi

thank you for taking the time to reply, I appreciate it.

The problem I have more than anything  is location of power sockets. I’ve tried to put them all in the most optimal position I can according to available sockets. 

I have a 5 bedroom house with 2 kitchens and 2 living rooms.

the hub is placed in the centre of the house then I’ve got a disc in every other room. 5 discs in total. One of which is placed at the top of both sets of stairs to serve upstairs. Theres an Ethernet cat6 fed into the very back bedroom due to very little coverage reasons. There are 2 discs pointing toward the upstairs discs and the others are not too far away from the hub itself. 

we have an engineer coming out for the third time this month. I guess without you actually seeing the setup for yourself it’s a bit hard for me to get you to visualise how it’s all setup.

I wonder if there’s anyone else out there with a similar setup?


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Re: BT Smart Hub - managing wifi

I'm wondering if you may have just answered the question yourself.

I know the maximum number of Complete Wi-Fi discs (the black ones) that BT will supply is 3, I don't know if that's because there is a limit to the number of discs the backhaul can cope with but it seems like a possibility.

Perhaps you would be better off with Wholehome  Wi-Fi (the white discs), I believe you can buy them in a set of 6.

Just a thought

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