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BT Smart hub returned (not according to BT)



Hope you can help .

I have returned my old faulty Smarthub few days after I have received the new one. I have used the original package plus the return label inside the new hub.  I have been to the post office and all fine. According to the tracking number the item has been deliverd to the address on the 22th March. However, BT is still sending me emails and texts reminder to send the hub otherwise I will be charged the following month. What should I do to prove I have sent my equipment ?I also enclosed my details in the box so they know it comes from me.

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Re: BT Smart hub returned (not according to BT)

I’ve had this kind of thing twice before. Just call customer services and explain. They might ask for the tracking reference, but they ahould be able to stop the reminders being sent and cancel the potential future charge.

I think it was the Billing department I spoke to and they dealt with it while I was on the phone with them both times.

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