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BT Sport Error IPC6007

I have bt Sport via TalkTalk. I have received a new fibre router and now I can't get any of the BT Sport channels via my you view box. I have searched here and see that the solution is to have my BT TV service linked correctly to my broadband which is with talktalk. Would someone from BT be able to do this ?


i have phoned BT twice, each time they didn't know what the error was. I have googled it and found the solution, I need someone at BT to do the necessary Please.

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Re: BT Sport Error IPC6007

You'll have to speak to talk talk as they provide your service & any issues should be dealt with by them

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Re: BT Sport Error IPC6007

Try the TalkTalk community at

although your subscription for BT Sport On TalkTalk Tv would be paid  to BT  that  is delivered  via TalkTalk  ie the  TalkTalk broadband service  and  TalkTalk TV service.

It seems that you had a working service prior to your change of router so that is one possible  area for investigation.  Did your TAlkTAlk broadband  service  and /or your TalkTalk  TV itself change at that same point in time  , if so another possible area for investigation would be whether that TalkTalk migration  was fully completed including all your existing subscriptions.

So that’s why we point you in the direction of TalkTalk support.


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