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BT TV App on Apple TV

I've loaded BT TV app on my Apple TV but this differs from my Android app in that none of my recordings, watchlist or TV guide are available.

I understand that Freeview channels cannot be watched via the app on Apple TV but I thought you could still add programmes for recording etc. To view on my Pro box once recorded.

Am I wrong and BT TV app on Apple just doesn't have these options available?

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Re: BT TV App on Apple TV

The purpose of the remote recording feature is that it allows you to set recordings when you're out and about @PJCORNELLY - on a mobile device.

If you're using your Apple TV then you're most likely at home, so you could just set the recordings on the box.

Thus this feature isn't available in any of our large screen apps - only the mobile apps.

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Re: BT TV App on Apple TV

Thanks for the quick response. Of course what you say makes 100% sense.

I guess I'm looking for that further step where the BT app is more integrated so if you select a programme from your watchlist, say The Repair Shop then the BT app is smart enough to open the BBC iplayer app installed on your Apple TV.

Utopia 😉

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Re: BT TV App on Apple TV

Ahh well that's a different story, and 2022 may just offer a little slice of your Utopia.

Big things are coming ... 😀

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Re: BT TV App on Apple TV

And now I'm intrigued...... 😊

I shall look forward to new developments.

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