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BT TV Pro Box

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As a loyal customer with BT, why is it that the new Pro TV box is not available to existing customers only if they upgrade their TV package. According to their social media page it was available to existing customers at a charge of  £20 activation fee and £9.99 delivery. When I rang BT and enquired about this I was told that I would have to upgrade my TV package. As a customer that already has Halo3, BT TV, Now Entertainment and movies and two mobile phones, I find this a bit bad really. Where is customer loyalty these days?

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Re: BT TV Pro Box

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Have a read of BT TV Box Pro with Wi-Fi 

Interested in upgrading?

Our BT TV Box Pro is available to new and existing customers.

Existing customers have the option to upgrade their box when taking or changing to any of our flexible TV packs available with fibre broadband:

  • Sport
  • Big Sport
  • Entertainment
  • Big Entertainment
  • VIP

If you’re an existing customer you can manage your TV pack here

If you’re a new customer, view your options here 

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Re: BT TV Pro Box

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Yes that is exactly what BT told me over the phone but as I stated in my original posting that was not what they put out on Social media. In the posting I read they stated that existing customers could get the new BT TV Pro box for a one off payment and postage no mention of having to upgrade your TV package.

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