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Re: BT TV Pro Set Top Box

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Apologies for the delayed response, between my shifts and having a short break away I've not been about.


Unfortunately, I never resolved any of the issues experienced.  As it happens, we upgraded/replaced our TV and since then haven't had any of the issues, including the blank screen after waking from standby.


Sorry it's nothing more definitive for you, however the fact that I now don't have the issue after changing the TV would point to it being an issue with the STB and some models of TV.


Best regards,


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Re: BT TV Pro Set Top Box

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Hi, no problem at all, super pleased to hear that issue has been resolved - as you say it does feel like a there was a basic issue between the TV and STB on negotiating the connection. Out of interest could you let me know what model of TV you have now? It might be useful to do a comparison on things like HDMI & HDCP firmware levels between the old and new device which we can do from the TV box data and might help other customers in the same situation. 

You're welcome to keep this thread "on-tap" in case you experience any other issues, I'd be happy to take a look if needed but fingers crossed it's all good for you now.

Thanks for letting me know


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