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BT TV pro box questions

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Seem am having issues same as some others on are my questions after my box arrived yesterday.


1. Registered interest in adding my Netflix account to BT, never got an email about it and link on my bt just opened Netflix website on home page ? how do i sort this out or should i just stay as i was?

2. I have a Hisense TV H43A6550UK, and cannot control my TV. I have attempted to pair and am connected via HDMI directly. When will remote be updated to work with my TV ? Will an old remote work instead ? if so where can i get my hands on one please ?

3. Remote has a voice button but simply opens search? i found alexa app but no options to pair with new box ? Is Alexa going to be added? How do i set this up?

4. When i open the guide and hit blue for categories and goto subscribed , lists my channels but if i pick HD channel I get IPC6017 error ? How do I fix this ? I tried manage my TV options on my bt website but the link just takes me to TV guide with option to watch Wonder Women lol ?

5. On BT TV sign up page it offers a 6 months of Britbox for free , but nothing further after that ? I did previously recieve a BritBox offer, is this why never showed up when ordering or after ?

6. There is no close/exit app button which is pain how do i exit Netflix/ All4 etc as in close the app down.

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Re: BT TV pro box questions

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I'll skip over those I don't have an answer for:

#2 It's unlikely the remote will be updated to support your TV, if it doesn't work now. You can buy an older YouView remote from the BT Shop (also available from other sites), but obviously bear in mind you'll not be able to use the new features.

#3 Voice search is coming soon.  For now, it's just a shortcut to the search screen. I don't know if Alexa is coming back.

#6 Don't worry about exiting the app - you don't need to.  Just press the home key and select what you want to watch next.

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Re: BT TV pro box questions

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#2 What new features ? kinda pain cannot control TV volumes and input.

Also i forget any update on discoveryplus and disney plus apps ?
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Re: BT TV pro box questions

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The main current new feature is that the remote is bluetooth, so more reliable and no need to have line of sight between you and your box.

New features coming soon are voice search, and "Find my remote" (press the button on the side of your box to make the remote control beep).

Announcements about Discovery+ and Disney+ will be made if/when deals are made.  They currently have exclusive agreements with other providers.