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BT VOIP quality Essential Digital Phones


I have had the new VOIP service for a few days now and am disappointed in the quality of the voice in calls.  In particular, anyone using words ending in 's' sound very bad - the 's' sounds more like a hissing noise and very pronounced and even perhaps sounds slightly elongated.

Anyone else having this kind of degradation (I had completely clear voice on previous landline calls)


Regards from Livingston, Scotland
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Re: BT VOIP quality Essential Digital Phones

I have advanced phones with Alexa and DV for about 2 years an never had the problem you describe and in fact find the reception on DV very good

maybe it is a phone problem and try phoning CS 150 see if you can get replacement

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Re: BT VOIP quality Essential Digital Phones

Thanks for reply and sorry about long delayed response.
After using for a period of time, it 'seems' that the poor sound quality is related somehow with the other party phone system/exchanges as it has always been business places that had the kind of poor quality sound.
As I have now made many calls in general, the majority are OK.
Regards from Livingston, Scotland
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Re: BT VOIP quality Essential Digital Phones


Many businesses now use VOIP instead of expensive ISDN30. There is likely to be differences in the way that calls are processed, and they would not be HD quality as that would cost them more bandwidth. Their calls would not be given any guaranteed Quality Of Service like the BT Digital Voice service, so quality is likely to be poor.

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