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BT Whole Home disc setup: solid blue light but no Wi-Fi signal


We've recently moved house. In the old house, we had 3 BT Whole Home discs set up and were working perfectly. We're now trying to set up the same discs in the new house and are having issues.

Everything has been factory reset so we're trying to set them up from scratch. When we connect the first disc (while the others are switched off) into the Wi-Fi modem using an ethernet cable, the disc boots up as normal and we get a solid blue light. But when we go into Wi-Fi connection settings on any device, the Whole Home network doesn't appear. Scanning the QR code on the back of the disc says "Unable to join the network" and typing in the details manually results in a "Could not find the network" message. This means that we can't follow the steps in the app and nothing can be set up.

We've tried resetting everything multiple times (main modem and discs), using different ethernet cables and ports, and we've tried each disc. But it's the same every time: solid blue light but no sign of the network. When we try switching a disc on without connecting it to the main modem using an ethernet cable, it flashes blue as expected because it can't find a network. We've also tried connecting an ethernet cable from our main modem into different devices, and the connection works fine, meaning it shouldn't be a problem with the modem itself or its ethernet port. Worth noting that the main modem is working perfectly itself.

What's interesting is that when we connect the disc up to the main modem with an ethernet cable, then connect a device to the Whole Home disc using another ethernet cable, the connection actually works. This has us thinking that there is some sort of issue with how the discs are emitting their own Wi-Fi signal?

As I'm writing this, the disc connected up momentarily showed solid red, then solid purple for about a minute, then flashed blue before returning to solid blue. I think this means it was updating? I'm not sure.

Sorry for the lengthy post but I wanted to include all the details. This has completely stumped me and have no idea what the issue is. It's pretty unlikely that they've been damaged during the move because they all behave similarly. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: BT Whole Home disc setup: solid blue light but no Wi-Fi signal

Many people refer to wholehome wi-fi (white discs) when they mean complete wfi (black discs), could you please confirm the colour of your discs

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Re: BT Whole Home disc setup: solid blue light but no Wi-Fi signal

White discs, they're the premium whole home discs
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